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We encourage you to read and forward us the minutes of the Strata council meeting and the current Depreciation Report of the building so we can go through and look for areas of concern with building. Are there any planned major expenditures for the building or property? Within the Sea to Sky Corridor (Whistler, Squamish & Pemberton)  Condo and Townhome designs and building structure should be reviewed as some buildings are more prone to water leaks or premature building component failure than others. The building envelope, structure and parkade of a condo or townhome building are especially prone to water contact and the components need to be installed properly to help prevent water ingress and moisture damage and help protect the building from the elements.


  • Roofing Systems

  • Structural Components

  • Foundations

  • Parkade Structures

  • Grading & Drainage

  • Interior (doors, windows, floors, walls, ceilings, stairs)

  • Building Envelope (doors, windows, trim, siding)

  • Patios & Balcony's

  • Electrical System

  • Heating System

  • Plumbing System

  • Air Conditioning system

  • Attic, Insulation, & Ventilation

  • Fireplaces

Thermal imaging is utilized in tandem with a moisture meter and other helpful tools as necessary to qualify suspected issues that are difficult to confirm with a visual examination alone.

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